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About LIM - Less Is More

LIM x The bucket list family

We've worked alongside Garrett and Jessica to create these zero waste kits.

A Letter from The Bucket List Family

Hello World!

My family has been in love with the ocean for a while now.  There's so much we love about the ocean.  We love that the ocean is different every single day.  We love the different colors of the ocean.. I never knew there were so many different shades of blue! We love the creatures both big and small that live in the ocean. We love that the ocean can be peaceful and calm, yet unpredictable and terrifying. We've been gifted some incredible and even spiritual experiences in the ocean over the years.  We are so grateful and so incredibly humbled by the ocean.  

There's a lot of work that needs to be done to clean up and save our oceans. I don't want to get into the overwhelming problems or threats, but I do want to say one thing - get out and swim!  

We strongly believe that teaching children to swim and enjoy the ocean at a young age will be the greatest thing for our planet. If the children really are our future (thanks, Whitney Houston), then there's nothing better to do than to cultivate that love in ourselves and our children. Teach your kids to swim. Teach them to snorkel. Teach them how to dive, play in the waves, surf, body board, paddle board, kayak, kite surf, water ski, or windsurf.  

When you love something, you respect it and you take care of it.  There's a thousand things we can do and changes we can make in our lives to better protect our oceans.  But for starters, just get out there and enjoy it!  

And if you're looking to do even more, we hope you'll consider buying one of these Zero Waste Kits! 

Happy Travels,

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